Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Here are some links for you all, there not all about lesbians, in fact most of them arent but its just incase you decide you want a change of scenery and theres also some that aren't anything to do with porn, its just some sites that i enjoy looking at thats all. Check them out for yourself!

Hardcore Porn XXX- The best porn you are gonna get!
The Bru- Porn and Humour Site
Hardcore Porn Links XXX- A wee bit of porn for ya!

No Mans Playland!

Here we have the famous No Mans Playland! As you probably already know, this is one of the hottest sites you are gonna find on the web. With its famous series of No Mans videos, which none of them are any shorter than a whole 2 HOURS!! Yes thats right, theres not much i can say thats gonna describe how good this site. This is DA BOMB! You have to be a part of this site to know what Lesbian Porn is all about! Enjoy! And believe me, you will.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lesbian Suite!

Oh man! The honeys on this site absolutely love licking each others cunts! Great strap-on fuck flicks and finger licking good fanny poking. This is one of the hottest lesbian sites you are gonna get. The bastards have got me hooked at long last! "Im lovin it"

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Lesbian Sistas!

Right so how many of you dirty porn lovers out there have seen a pair of hot sisters going at it before, no doubt you all have allready because lets face it, us porn freaks have seen everything haven't we, well i bet you aint seen anything as good as this one before. The hotties on this site have all the toys under the sun and believe me they aint afraid to use them, pussy licking, strap-on fucking, ass munching and much more!

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lesbian Exotic!

Lesbian Exotix is sooooo hot, the droll is gonna be hanging from yer chin and hitting the keyboard. A similar thing could be said about the lesbo's in the site, but its pussy juice thats drooling out of there fannys instead, loads of movies and Live shows. This is da bomb!

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Lesbo Women!

With some of the hottest chicks ever to grace this planet we call Earth, licking each others glorious cunts dry, its no surprise that this one is on my list of the best Lesbian porn the web has to offer. Dildo's, strap-ons and loads of other fascinating wee gizmo's being put to use, this site has some real good action going on.

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Tongues And Toys!

Tongues and Toys is the ultimate lesbian playground. These hot chicks have brung every toy they've got hidden in the drawer and are more than willing to share them with other pussies. These young honeys use more than there imagination, and get up to all sorts of great stuff for you to get off to.

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Lesbian Realm!

This site is so hot, its smokin! With great live chat and sex shows, millions of kinky pics, amazing streaming videos and super hot young lesbians, you're gonna struggle to find a better Lesbian site with as good XXX action as the Lesbian Realm!

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Lust For Lesbians!

If pussy licking action is the one for you, then heres your diamond in the rough. More pure girl on girl lesbian action and its all at Lust For Lesbians! With some of the hottest chicks you are gonna get, this site is very special, why is it always the Lesbians that are the hottest?

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